Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I just wanted to take a moment to let my meager legion of readers know that I am still here post-separation. While I don't have a good, readily-available internet connection at my new place, I still may be able to post a couple of albums here & there. Hopefully, the long-touted Angelwitch: Live will be up this weekend.

Also, I want to thank the commenter on the Disturbingly Lonesome Cowboys post; as I said, such comments make my blogging worthwhile, beyond the obvious masturbatory appeal of having an audience willing to read my noodlings. Please: members of The Bloody Stools, Blitzspeer, or Samson, drop us a line!

Now, more salient to the title of my post:

I won't go so far as to discourage marriage altogether. Indeed, you may be one of the few couples that manage to succeed at a happy lifelong union. But then again, I won't discourage anyone from playing the lottery either, in spite of the astronomical odds against it being a worthwhile investment.

However, if you are one of the lucky multitudes thinking about divorce, my advice is to just go ahead & do it. If you are at the point of "discussing" going to "marriage counseling", then it's already over. Stick a fork, tell the fat lady to sing, etc. The very best you can hope for in going down such a route is a few more months of stunted, uncomfortable interactions before your ultimate divorce. The worst thing you can hope for: six months of learning how to quash your resentments until you no longer notice them, followed by fifteen years in lobotomized indifference in which you've managed to discard any notion of your individuality, and, ultimately, regaining a pathetic, misplaced iota of self-respect that results in you getting busted for attempting to pick up a thirteen-year old girl over the internet at 2AM.

Marriage: Just Don't Do It.

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog via WFMU. You have posted some great stuff thanks.

You seem a little bitter about marriage. What exactly went wrong?