Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carlos Montoya- Gypsy Guitar

A positively mind-blowing collection of tracks from a true master of the guitar, Carlos Montoya. Picture Ennio Morriconne mixed with JS Bach, and you'll have an idea of Montoya's genius. A 20th-Century artist, he passed away in the mid-90s, and as near as I can tell, recorded these tracks in the early '80s.

I originally picked up this cassette in the "Classical" stand at that venerable Central Maine institution, Mr. Paperback. I have a hard time classifying this as "Classical", however, since the tracks have such great rhythms & melodies, and lack the emphasis on the academic counterpoint/harmony that tends to discourage the average listener.

As someone who plunks about a bit on various stringed instruments, I can tell you that listening to these tracks just makes me want to chop off all of my fingers. I will never be able to play like this, no matter how hard I practice...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Berlin by Night...AGAIN.

I've found a few new neat oddities to share with you all, but that will come in good time. Until then, enjoy my ever-popular comp of Weimar Cabaret Music, as well as a few of the new features of clandestine666. Like my Playlist. Like it or lump it, bitches.