Saturday, November 18, 2006

Request #1

Here's The Pandoras' Rock Hard album re-posted per request. As with any album one purchases for 25 cents, I initially looked at this as a goofy, disposable piece of fluff. However, through repeated listenings, it's become one of my current favorites. Songs like "Six Times A Day" and "Run Down Love Battery" are, in my opinion, far superior to anything The Runaways ever did.

Danger: Rotating blades cut off arms and legs.


The Conqueror Worm said...

Thanks, dude. A great .25 investment.

Is it stinky? said...

Hey man. Thought I'd share a Pandoras story: I worked in a record store when Rock Hard came out. We were part of a hip,local chain, but our branch was in a mall. I don't think the other stores wanted anything to do with the Pandoras, so when it came time to do an in-store, the Pandoras were sent to our store (the other stores, near the universities, took all the other in-stores). Nobody was really that into the Pandoras, and there were about 3 people in our store for their appearance. The store manager was a total douche and didn't even put on their record when they got there, he had some Mingus on and went and hid in the back. The other two employees were two women and they disapproved the Pandoras sexiness or something, so they ignored them. It was really embarassing and I felt bad for them. I killed the jazz and one of the Pandoras said, "yeah, can we put our fucking record on?". I agreed and cranked their record and then went over with our store copy and got all their autographs and chatted with them awhile. They were nice, if a little pissed at the lameness of our store. Oh, and they were sexy rock chicks.

CylonDetector2000 said...

Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. Any chance "Rock Hard" will be re-uploaded?