Saturday, November 18, 2006

Request #2

Here's the re-post of Stone Fox's great debut album, plus one track from the Linda Perry-produced follow-up. See if you can tell which track suffered the scalpel of the preeminent ex-Non Blonde.

Not much more to say about this band, other than the fact that the lead singer of my old band was their tour manager for a while, and, according to him, they did a fantastic, quasi-pornographic cover of The MC5's "I Want You Right Now" for their early live shows. If anyone has audio (or, better yet, video) footage of such a performance, please contact me immediately.

I get it up, I slip it in, I turn it 'round:


jb said...

I saw them play at gilman once and they rocked it pretty good. They sounded better live to me.

Clandestine said...

Yeah, that's been the concensus opinion of everybody of who knows anything about this band, jb. I heard that the singer would make sure and wear a short skirt with hole-ridden underwear before certain live shows, so I can understand how the live shows might have been better! Although they predate cellphone cameras and Youtube, I bet there's still some live footage of this band out there somewhere...