Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gruntruck- Inside Yours

Remember 1991? We were all exhausted from doing the Unskinny Bop, Axl Rose was getting downright weird, and a little band called Nirvana was destroying the music scene from the top down.

Few survived this holocaust. Bands like Skid Row, Overkill, and Winger tried to assimilate, releasing albums full of grunged-up riffs and "angsty" vocals. But, it was all in vain: these gen-X kids had somehow acquired top-notch bullshit detectors, and each and every one of these bands was soon downgraded to club tours in Kansas, and arena shows opening for Hasselhoff in Brazil.

Somehow, though, a few bands survived the transition. Most famously, The Stone Temple Pilots made a pre-signing metamorphosis from cock-rock to grunge, and Gruntruck also managed to offer up a few legacy-securing albums in this period.

Gruntruck's debut album came in 1991, on the uber-metal label, RoadRacer. The metallic elements are obvious, with the extended guitar solos and tightly-controlled riffs. However, the wailing vocals and big, cruddy guitar sound put one foot firmly in the grunge camp.

While the few remaining grunge fanatics who aren't too busy monitoring their 401k's may not remember such grunge/metal bands as Gruntruck, The Almighty, or Prong, it is well worth reviewing those formative years of 1990-1993. It is only by learning our history that we may not be doomed to repeat it.

Boy, I still fucking hate hate Pearl Jam...


evaversus said...


Godspeed, Ben Scott McMillan
April 1, 1961 - January 6, 2008

The surviving members of Gruntruck are saddened by the loss of singer Ben McMillan. Ben was taken from us on January 25, after a long battle with diabetes. He was 46 years old.

We will gather to remember Ben on March 8th in Seattle.

A lineup of live music begins at 10pm. Ben's friends Slippage, Kandy Koded and Coffin Break will perform in his honor.

A slide and video display of Ben's life, art and music will run throughout the evening.

The King Cobra club has graciously provided space for this event at 916 E. Pike, Seattle. Doors open at 9pm. A $10 donation will go to assist Ben's family.

A big thank you to everyone who has written in with kind words and offers to help. The outpouring of support has been truly wonderful.

r0b0c0p said...

Have a listen to Kerbdog's 1994 self titled if you like this early grung/metal sound

DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of Gruntruck's Inside Yours on digmeoutpodcast.com.