Sunday, February 18, 2007

Wow! Sexy French Girls!

Here's the first of a couple of comps I'm throwing out there while I try to figure out whether or not these tapes are too far gone to be worth ripping...this Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, & Schrieve Through The Fire tape sounds like it's being played through cotton candy-stuffed speakers.

But anyway, as the title implies, here's a mix of songs featuring chicks singing in French. Funny thing is, I dislike just about everything French. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those Bill O'Reilly "Freedom Fries" douchebags, but I hate French art, cuisine, wine, and movies to no end. I actually walked out on "Rules of the Game" at my local art theatre because it was so gawd-awful boring.

In spite of this, I find French to be the greatest language for singing by far, and some of the best music ever has been sung in French. The songs on this comp range from the 14th-Century (Guillaume da Machaut) up to 2006 (The Prototypes), with a concentration on the 1960's ye-ye pop movement.


Clandestine said...

Anjali- Rainy Day
Anne Karina- Roller Girl
April March- Pauvre Lola
Josephine Baker- Nuit d'Alger
Brigitte Bardot- Harley Davidson
Charlotte Gainsbourg- Tel Que Tu Es
Christie Laume- Rouge
Petula Clark- La Nuit N'en Finit Plus
Eileen- Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher
France Gall- Laisse Tomber les Filles
Francoise Hardy- Non Ce N'est Pas Un Reve
Keren Ann- Sur le fil
Les Sans Culottes- Les Sauvage
Machaut- Quant je Suis
Erotheque- Laure
Paris Combo- Mobil'homme
Prototypes- Danse sur la Merde
Vanessa Paradis- Tandem
Victoire Scott- 4th Dimension
Henri Duparc- L'invitation au Voyage

Anonymous said...

You are wrong;as French our cuisine and art are among the best but I prefer the english singers by far.The english language goes very well with music. It's the best language for songs.

squiggle said...

Interesting collection. But I must disagree with both of you since I love most things French, including French songs.
It's a great shame that the fashion for English pop songs (usually with bad lyrics) means that the tradition of songs in French is a little underappreciated in France and other francophone countries at the moment (and much the same can be said of Italian, Japanese, German etc. songs).
Fashions make people believe that that's how things should be - but then they pass and people realise that that was nonsense.