Friday, February 16, 2007

Kurt Russell

From East Coast milquetoast to Eastwood Badass, he's played it all. Personally, I admire him for the suit he wore in "Used Cars", but if you need more evidence that he is the greatest actor of our generation, consider:
-Escape from LA
-Unlawful Entry
-Tequila Sunrise
-Big Trouble in Little China
-The Thing
-Escape from New York

If the game happens to be rained-out some saturday afternoon, it's likely that some Kurt Russell movie will be shown instead. That kinda makes Kurt your loser buddy that'll come over and get drunk with you when all other options have been exhausted. Even in my lowest, drunkest moments, I've always been able to count on the fact that somewhere, on some channel, "Stargate" will likely be playing.

More music coming soon...

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b said...

oh my god. i have an unreasonable love of kurt russell.