Saturday, June 09, 2007

Syd Straw- War and Peace

The second solo album from Syd Straw, who you may remember as the singer from the first two Golden Palominos albums. For my money, Straw was the best thing about the Palominos' early lineup, so I snatched this out of the used CD bin faster than you can say "Buenos Aires".

The material on this album is not far removed from the country/folk/garage rock of "Blast of Silence". Her backing band on this record, The Skeletons, are renowned for their raucous, loud performances, giving this CD a very raw feel that compliments Straw's energetic vocals.

This is one of those CDs that takes a few listens to fully absorb. Be patient with it. You'll be glad you did.


Bob said...

talk about good timing! i just heard the song CBGB's on a podcast recently and i've been scouring the internets for the past two weeks for this album before i thought to search rapidshare. anyways, that song just blows me away and i'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. thanks!

juggalo37 said...

Can you please re upload this?