Saturday, August 19, 2006

Norman Bates & The Showerheads

It's my pleasure to open my blog with a posting of some Norman Bates & The Showerheads tracks. Released in 1990, Queens-based NB&SH produced loud, scuzzy rock & roll that precluded the grunge movement by nearly 4 years. The easiest way to describe NB&SH music: Metallica for tweakers. Take all the stoner parts out of Metallica (i.e. the mellow slow parts, the deep lyrics about the Cthulhu Mythos, etc.), speed them up, jack the volume up to 11, and you get NB&SH. They managed to swing a tour in the early 90s, and released a follow-up album in addition to this indy debut. Recently, they've gotten back together and have played a few gigs at CBGB's, and are putting together some killer new tracks. Visit them and give a big "fuck yeah!" to the one of the greatest rock & roll bands of all time:

Here's a couple of tracks, "Graveyard" and "Pseudoworld" off their classic debut album:

If you like what you hear, head on over to The full reissue album, plus bonus tracks, will be available soon.

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Mars said...

Dude, this is right up my alley. Please REPOST sometime!