Friday, August 25, 2006

Mix Tape: ElectroGirls

For the last year or so, I've been kicking around an idea for the next great Playboy pictorial: The Women of Electronica. Back in the late-90's through early 00's, it seemed like all you needed to get a record deal was a guitar, some software expertise, and access to a chick who could carry a tune & look good in a vinyl miniskirt.

And look good, they did. The pre-MP3 visual appeal of CD booklets made a cute girl not only a part of the band's sound, but also part of their marketing package. While these bands were often quite good, I will admit without shame that I've sat through some shows from some awful bands only because they had a cute girl in a halter top bouncing around at the microphone.

Anyway, this mix is comprised of female-fronted electronic bands from varying levels of obscurity. My definition of "electronic" is fairly wide, and the songs range from trip-hop to industrial to straight-ahead dance music. There's no cross-fading or any fancy crap like that.

The track list is in the comments.

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Clandestine said...

Akira Yamaoka- I Want Love
Anjali- Strawberry Mousse
Bowery Electric- Freedom Fighter
Dead Quiet- The Wrong Man Lucky Star
Electrostatic- Replica
Emilie Simon- I Wanna Be Your Dog
The Golden Palominos- Belfast
Ilya- Isola
J.Falcon- Sky High
Jennifer Dahl- Worship Machine
My Scarlet Life- Black Limbo
Puracane- Not Today
Scarlet Life- Vamona
Scary Valentine- Just to Kiss
Skindive- Swallow
Susie Van Der Meer- Somebody Has To Pay
Traci Lords- Fly
Vela Uniform- The Hardest Thing