Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Angelwitch's debut studio album. If Angelwitch had a fault (and that's a big "if"), it was the overproduction on this album. Maybe it's just because I heard the live album first, but the chorus harmonies always seemed too big and disco-fied on this record. Regardless, this is a legendary recording, and quite possibly the most perfect example of NWOBHM before Witchfinder General and Dickinson-era Maiden. In a perfect world, every jock asshole that claimed to be a Metallica fan in 1993 and DIDN'T own a copy of this album would've been molested extra hard by his wrestling coach as "Enter Sandman" played over the weightroom's loudspeaker.

1. Angel Witch
2. Atlantis
3. White Witch
4. Confused
5. Sorcerers
6. Gorgon
7. Sweet Danger
8. Free Man
9. Angel of Death
10. Devil's Tower

In the middle of last night she went out for her revenge:


Anonymous said...

I like it a lot! Very nicely done. :-)..!
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Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

Ummm there's one extra track here that is probably not by Angelwitch...sounds like the Beatles, and I googled the lyrics but can't find any results at all. Sometihng about Loser, you only make yourself look bad. What is it??

Clandestine said...

Hi aimee,
That track is called "Loser", and it is indeed an Angelwitch track. It was left off the posted tracklist for some reason. I'll have to dig out my cassette to confirm it, but I believe it was an obscure bonus track the producers used to fill out the comp. This would explain why you couldn't find anything on google; there's not a lot out there on Agelwitch in general, much less obscure b-sides!

Michael L. Foley said...

Awesome! I just discovered this blog from green fuzz. I can tell I am going to love it here.

Anonymous said...

hi clandestine -
very good link...indeed. had the original on vinyl- didnt it have a painted cover. do you know more bout that? something in bloodred ;)?

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Anonymous said...

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rishigajria said...

This band had a great debut album that I have not heard in years. However, the link is dead. Could you re-post. Thanks.