Saturday, September 16, 2006

So Sorry...

Sorry that I've left this blog in an apparent state of moribund for the last couple of weeks, but I've been extraordinarily busy finishing my Masters degree requirements since August. Rest assured, I have SUCH delights to show you: A NWOBHM mix tape compiled by none other than Lars Ulrich...a tape of Angelwitch's reunion tour through SoCal in the late '80s...Some great all-girl grunge from the early '90s....

But, until then, you'll have to settle for compilation #1 of rare shit from my music collection, A-G. It's a bit schizophrenic, but you're bound to find something you enjoy in there somewhere.

Some interesting marginalia: "Fydolla Ho" was a side project of actress Shawnee Smith. You may remember Shawnee from her starring role in "Becker", and her supporting roles in such films as "Leaving Las Vegas" and "Saw". I first remember seeing Shawnee in a TV movie in the late '80s called "Easy Prey". It was a cautionary tale starring Gerald McRaney as, of all people, serial killer Chris Wilder...Simon & Simon indeed!!! Anyway, it was about as sensational and risque as was allowed in the Reagan era, and it attempted to deliver a dire warning against going off with harmless-looking strangers, all the while showing a nubile young Shawnee Smith in various states of undress.

I still find Ms. Smith exceedingly attractive. If you want to see her in her prime, rent the 1988 remake of "The Blob". Even if you're not into Shawnee Smith, it's a fantastic horror movie with special effects that continue to hold up. Remember, Smalltown, USA: you're just one meteor away from becoming the NSA's latest weapons experiment!

See comments for a track listing.

I'm livin' easy where the sun never shines,

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Clandestine said...

Alicia Dara- Skysong
Alian Strange- You
Ani DiFranco & Jackie Chan- Unforgettable
Anjali- Stinging Sitars x9
Arch Hall Jr.- Konga Joe
Blue Oyster Cult- The Revenge of Vera Gemini
Bolt Thrower- The Shreds of Sanity
Brassy- Work It Out
Brazilian Girls- Pussy
Cake or Death- Fandango
Canyon Creep- Black Bra
Celtic Frost- Tristesses de la Lune
Circle Jerks- American Heavy Metal Weekend
Coffin Break- Hole in the Sky
Deep Lust- Is That A Fact
Don Ho- Shock The Monkey
Edges of Seven- Ride
Elastica- 12XU
Electric Boys- All Lips & Hips
Fairouz- Ya Beirut
Flash & The Pan- Walkin In The Rain
Fydollah Ho- Believe
Glassoline- My Lips are Burning
Godflesh- Pulp